Incredible leaving gift ideas Leaving school? Bet you’d love one of these gifts!
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Incredible leaving gift ideas

Incredible leaving gift ideas

Itís a bit weird when you leave school. Sure, thereís the excitement of the school prom to look forward to but thereís also that tinge of sadness as well, this is the last time you are going to see some of your school buddies. 

Plus, itís also the last time youíll take lessons at this school, and love it or loathe it - itís been a huge part of your life so why not celebrate with a selection of leaving gifts?

Hereís our top five list of leaving goodies in no particular order...

1. School mug

Imagine having a mug that had the mugs of all your mates on the front? Now you can with a leaversí mug cleverly printed with the image of your entire class on the front. 

Our full colour mugs come with a range of print options. Have your school badge, school crest or choice of image emblazoned right across the cup and fill it with your favourite brew.    

2. School pen

Whether you are heading to university or about to start work in an office, a personalised pen is a stylish and affordable leaving gift.

Jot down notes in your new environment and every time you use the pen itíll remind you of those fun-filled days back in the classroom. 

3. Autograph book

Donít leave school without capturing all your matesí monikers. A personalised autograph book is the ideal place to collect signatures from your school pals.

Plus, thereíll always be certain teachers that stand out more than others, ask them to sign your book and they might just add something witty to the pages, remember your school years with a smile on your face.     

4. Tag t-shirt

Get your class to sign a sheet of paper, include your teachers too if you like. Send this to us at Westfield and weíll print those signatures along with your school crest onto a t-shirt, itís a trendy keepsake that you can wear or frame depending on your personal preference.

5. Robbie Teddy Bear

Could anything be cuter than a cuddly teddy bear? Actually it can. Buy a teddy that is wearing a personalised school t-shirt, heís furry, friendly, called Robbie and heís available from our website at Westfield.

Take him with you when you go to university and heíll help you get through those first few fresher months.  

See, weíve got stacks of great school leaving gift ideas at Westfield, donít say goodbye without checking out our site. 

Article Posted: 25/07/2014 08:53:37

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