Summer shopping for the start of term As the summer months slip by and the start of term begins to loom closer, think about buying these first day must-haves.
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Summer shopping for the start of term

Summer shopping for the start of term

Parents dread the start of the new school term as much as their children. Thereís so much to buy and not enough time to get everything done, the last week of the summer holidays passes by in a blur.

Be prepared this year as the summer holidays fly by, have a battle plan in place for the start of the new term and when September finally arrives, it wonít be such a shock. 

Chip away at what you need to buy over the summer and it doesnít feel as bad, use our tips and itíll be less stressful in general.

Tip 1: Re-use anything you can...

Go through everything your children used last term. Can anything be recycled or reused again?

First place to start is their uniform. Is it worn, can be it be repaired, have they outgrown it and do you need to buy new items? Check at the start of the summer holidays and perform another size test a couple of weeks before the end of the summer holidays just in case there has been a growth spurt.

Next go through their stationery. Are they okay for pens, pencils protractors and rulers, is that calculator still working, will it need new batteries?

Have a chat with your child about the new term, discuss what can be used next term and ask for their feedback about new items they might require.

Tip 2: Shop around for clothing...

Visit the official school sites for clothing and youíll notice itís rather expensive. This isnít your only alternative though.

Plenty of supermarkets and retail stores stock cheaper versions of clothing, donít buy clothes at the first shop your visit, take a look around and try to find low cost deals.

Tip 3: Donít leave it to the last minute...

Know the worst time to go shopping for back to school items? The last weekend before the new term starts!

Why do people leave it this late? Give yourself a break this year. Go shopping for school stuff the last weekend of the summer holiday and donít be too surprised if there is nothing left in your kidís size.

Weíd advise a steady campaign of buying right over the summer holidays, buy as early as you dare and stock up in plenty of time for September.

Good luck!

Article Posted: 28/07/2014 08:41:35

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